When we noticed the beautiful image that Venus Hair Salon in Tavistock, Devon uploaded to Instagram, we thought it was time to give them a call and find out exactly how they achieved such breathtakingly beautiful silver blonde tones.


Venus Hair Salon Tavistock

Can you tell us a little bit about your client’s hair?

Kirsty’s hair is naturally a base 7 and although it is a high density it’s also very fine. Her hair has always been slightly resistant to taking colour but since using milk_shake® this has been easier to overcome without having to pre-lighten her hair.

What did you discuss during your consultation?

Kirsty was becoming impatient waiting for mother nature to turn her hair white/grey and decided to act. For all the years Kirsty has been visiting the salon, we have played around with blonde tones so this was something different; it was giving some edge and speeding up the process that Kirsty couldn’t wait for naturally.

How did you achieve the look?

I started with the colour. I used LIGH[10] Blue high lift powder with milk_shake® 30 volume Oxidising Emulsion and left to develop for 45 minutes.

After the 45 minutes, I rinsed it off with milk_shake® Colour Maintainer Shampoo and towel dried. It was then time to add the colour and implement the change Kirsty was looking for;.milk_shake professional hair care

We cocktailed 7g Direct Colour Silver + 3g Direct Colour Lilac + a golf ball sized amount of milk_shake® Whipped Cream. This was then applied to the head and left for another 15 minutes.

Which products did you recommend for Kirsty’s home care routine?

My main tip for Kirsty to keep the lilac and greys going strong in her hair in-between appointments is on the different ways to use the Silver Shine shampoo. Apply the Silver Shine Shampoo to dry hair as and when required to boost and maintain the longevity of the colour. At least once we recommend that she applies Silver Shine Shampoo on dry hair and leaves for 20 minutes before jumping in the shower and rinsing.

We advised Kirsty to use the Silver Shine Whipped Cream as this keeps the colour look clean and takes away the brassy tones that can creep in to light/blonde hair.

Also, as Kirsty uses a lot of heat on her hair when she styles it each day, it was recommended that she use Incredible Milk Leave-In Conditioner.




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