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Thank you for thinking about becoming a salon stockist. We are committed to the professional hairdresser and offer a full package of support to our salon partners. Should you decide to stock milk_shake® and NO INHIBITION in your salon, we have listed below some of the support you can expect to receive from us.


We have a nationwide team of educators that provide first-class training to develop your skills, knowledge, and creativity. In our education brochure, you will find workshops on colouring, cutting, styling, retailing and much more.

salon merchandising

We offer a complete range of merchandising materials available to enhance your salon, including illuminated product displays, posters, brochures, aprons, capes, gowns and towels.

premier salon program

This program offers additional commercial and education benefits, including “Premier Salon” endorsement on our website. This endorsement means that your salon will be promoted to clients in your area that buy online, with a view to gaining you new clients for your retail or hairdressing services. (For qualification criteria or more information on this program please contact your authorised local distributor.)


We hold many events during the year, from local shows and seminars to international trips, showcasing inspirational hairdressing in a relaxed and friendly environment. The cost of these events is very reasonable and everyone is welcome.


We pride ourselves on providing first-class local service. We have a nationwide network of authorised distributors so your business will be cared for by someone who is local and understands your needs. To find the correct distributor for your area, please enter your details in the form below.

Should you require any more information, please give us a call or speak to your local distributor and we will be happy to help.

Thanks once again for thinking of becoming a stockist and we do hope to work with you in the near future.

With kindest regards,


Xavier Berrell
Red Hot Products Ltd

(official U.K distributors of milk_shake)

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