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When Scott Thomas shared this incredible before & after transformation with us, there was no doubt that we needed to know more about the products that had been used to achieve such a noticeable result in only 3 months.

milk_shake energizing blend products for hair loss
Scott has worked with milk_shake for many years and was approached by one of his clients because she had concerns over hair loss.
We asked Scott to tell us more:
What had caused Karen’s hair loss?
Karen’s hair loss had been caused by a combination of stress and hormonal changes.  She was noticing thinning and shedding to a considerable degree.
What advice did you offer Karen?
I advised her to trial the milk_shake Energizing Blend Shampoo, Conditioner and Scalp Treatment following the below application instructions.
Apply the shampoo to a damp scalp and hair, gently massage by applying a slight pressure with the fingertips in a circular motion to enhance the microcirculation of the scalp.  Rinse and proceed with the Energizing Blend Conditioner & Treatment.
Apply the Conditioner to clean, damp hair, gently massage and leave in for a few minutes while applying a slight pressure using the fingertips in a circular motion to enhance the microcirculation of the scalp.  Comb through if desired and rinse thoroughly.
Apply the Energizing Blend Scalp Treatment to the scalp and massage gently for a few minutes using circular movements and a light pressure from the fingertips to improve the microcirculation of the scalp and create the optimal conditions for the new hair growth.  Do not rinse and proceed with styling.  Whilst milk_shake recommend that the treatment should be applied twice a week, in this instance, my client applied it every day.
Over what period of time did you notice this change?
I first discussed hair loss with Karen on 5th December 2016.  She began using the products the following day.  I had received messages from her to say that she was very happy with the growth and then she visited me again on March 6th 2017!
Are you pleased with the results?
Delighted and so is Karen.  To see such a dramatic change in 3 months is really incredible.  She has so much density back and so much new growth.
Karen’s hair feels amazing and her blow-drys last so much longer.  We have trimmed Karen’s hair to tidy up the ends and it really does look fabulous.
milk_shake decided to investigate further and quizzed one of the UK’s leading trichologists and hair loss experts, Eva Proudman AIT,  on how and why the Energizing Blend range would have been so effective.
Eva Proudman Trichologist and hair Loss Expert‘The milk shake Energizing Blend Shampoo, Conditioner and Scalp Treatment really do add condition to the hair and scalp, as well as density to the existing hair.
The key ingredients that stimulate the scalp and blood flow are Rosemary, Sage, Eucalyptus and Menthol.  As a Trichologist , I use menthol as a stimulant during treatments and know how effective it is.
The hair will feel wonderful and thicker thanks to glycerine that locks moisture into the hair , panthenol and rice bran that are substantive to the hair making it appear thicker.
Energizing Blend is a great product to use on hair that is suffering from an acute telogen effluvium, which is a disruption to the growth cycle, it will stimulate the follicles and make the mid lengths and ends feel and look thicker.’
If you are a salon owner or hairdresser and would like to know more about milk_shake Energizing Blend please don’t hesitate to contact us here.
You can purchase milk_shake Energizing Blend products at milk_shake salons nationwide or on our official milk_shake website.
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Why your hairdresser should be top on your BFF list!

A hairdresser is a fairy godmother (or godfather) to the modern woman: that person who waves their scissors and tint brush like a magic wand and instantly, with a puff of smoke, everything seems to be so much more perfect.  A hairdresser puts smiles on the faces of thousands of people every year, they make you feel fabulous when you don’t think it’s possible, they listen quietly and patiently whilst you divulge all sorts of information and they absolutely give you a power shot of confidence that see’s you walk taller, smile brighter and lift your head higher.

So, in an era where many connections are digitally focussed, these are the old-school rules you need to follow to max out on your new BFF! 

Honesty.  This is essential at every stage of your relationship with your colourist or stylist (take note: info on the secret fling with local footballer isn’t required!).  Don’t be afraid to admit that you have been using supermarket shampoo or that you coloured your hair at home because you couldn’t get into the salon.  The more open and honest you are with your stylist, the better understanding they will have of how to correct any hair issues.    You both have the same goal: beautiful, fabulous, healthy, shiny hair that SCREAMS: ‘I have an amazing hairdresser! ‘  Remember, your goddess status is your hairdresser’s reputation and future client list.


Trust.  So, we hear you….trust takes time and has to built, but, when you visit a salon and salon du chocolate milk_shake hair by teresa Wellerrequest a professional stylist or colourist (we’re assuming that you have done a little research pre-visit), then you should listen and take advice from the expert you are investing your time and money in.  If your colourist recommends that lightening your hair in stages is the best way to maintain its integrity take note: this is a true professional who cares about the health of your hair.


Share your vision. Ok, you arrive at the salon with a dream cut and colour.  We get it: you’ve been stalking the Kardashians on Instagram all weekend and you just have to upgrade your hair!  Be careful not to assume that your hairdresser has also been stalking the Kardashians.  The colour of your dreams and the exact colour and style that your hairdresser is imagining from your description could be VERY different.  Screen shot as many images as you can that will represent your preferred look and then discuss them during your consultation.  A professional hairdresser will subtly tell you if your square face shape doesn’t quite work with the Anne Hathaway pixie crop that you’re crushing on!


Consider that your hairdresser is also a hair product expert.  We understand you want beautiful, vibrant, healthier hair that consistently looks amazing in between salon visits.  allure collection by milk_shake hair careRemember, your hairdresser is the most knowledgeable person to prescribe home haircare products for your specific hair type.  Forget clogging up your bathroom cabinets with yet more shampoos and conditioners that do not work their magic on your hair: take the opportunity to quiz your hairdresser on the very best products to suit your hair type, hair length and possibly your budget.  Investing in professional products is a must if you want to maintain colour and condition in between salon visits but, with so many choices, you need an expert to guide you in the right direction.


Get your styling advice from the the pro.  ‘I wish I could get my hair to look like my hairdresser does?’  – sound familiar?  Your stylist has spent many years qualifying and building their experience to ensure that they can make your hair look that good.  There is something that you should consider!  Do you use the professional tools that they do and the styling products that your stylist swears by?  Have you ever walked out of a salon without your hairdresser using a blow-dry cream or offering a spritz of hairspray to keep your locks in place.  Ask your stylist to give you tips and advice on exactly how you should replicate the look at home.  When they recommend styling products you should consider that these are the very same products that they have used to create your oh-so-gorgeous hairstyle!


If you would like to visit a milk_shake salon then click here to find your local stockist!

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Silver Shine – the delicious treat for blonde hair!

Silver Shine combines the restructuring benefits of milk proteins, vitamin rich blueberries and violet pigment to brighten and neutralise unwanted yellow tones in blonde or grey hair. Silver Shine Shampoo and Whipped Cream leave the hair looking brighter, shinier, softer and healthier.


Silver Whipped Cream Just Heaven!

This product takes Whipped Cream to another level.silver-shine Not only is the smell incredible, the product is completely client friendly, it contains a perfect level of tone to clean up a dirty blonde in between salon visits.
Silver Shine Whipped Cream Leave In Conditioner 200ml RSP £15.79

Silver Shine Shampoomoscow2a

Has a softer, violet based tone which is slightly kinder on the hair than the average silver shampoo. It leaves a really even finish and is perfect for those blondes who have really porous hair! Expect the wow factor for shine. 300ml RSP £13.29

Silver Shine Shampoo 300ml RSP £13.29

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Neville Ramseys Grandad Hair


Grandad Grey hair has just gone gun metal!

Grandad Hair with milk_shake smoothies

Grandad Hair with milk_shake smoothies

Grandad grey hair colour has brought an influx of clients for milk_shake ambassador and celebrity hairdresser Neville Ramsay after appearing on TV show The Lowdown.

TV regular Neville has been inundated with clients wanting to go grey after he demonstrated the colour on local TV show The Lowdown this week.


Grandad hair love milk_shake smoothies

Applying silver milk_shake smoothies

He created the shade using milk_shake Direct Colour in Silver with a tiny bit of Pink, mixed with Whipped Cream to create a Direct Colour Cocktail. The beauty of mixing the colour with the Whipped Cream leave-in conditioner is that you get the exact shade result you see in the bowl, and the colour conditions as it takes.

Says Neville, “By mixing in the drop of pink, you create a gunmetal grey, which isn’t as severe as the deep slate grey I’m seeing a lot of, it’s softer and more wearable.”

The salon opened up the following day to 17 voicemails requesting to book in for the colour and Neville expects to be doing a lot more ‘grandad greys’.

 Take a look at this step by step from Nevilles filming day!

Neville Ramseys Grandad Hair

The consultation whilst filming

Before Grandad hair by milk_shake

The before


Grandad hair love milk_shake smoothies

Applying silver milk_shake smoothies

Grandad hair by milk_shake

Waiting for the results

Grandad Hair by milk_shake

Joni’s Grandad Hair result

The finished look Grandad Hair

The finished look Grandad Hair 

Want to find out more about how you can use milk_shake Direct Colour?

Watch this video

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As pink hair arrives in Hollywood milk_shake show you how to get the look

Topshop Model turned actress, Cara Delevingne was spotted with fabulous candy pink hair in the VIP section at the Osheaga Music and Arts Festival in Montreal on Sunday and it would seem that she is not the only celebrity rocking this unforgettable style.

milk_shake haircare ambassador Shelley Pengilly is a huge fan of the look – you can see her create it on her own hair using a temporary milk_shake Direct Colour Cocktail. It’s  simple, just mix the Pink Direct Colour ( – the bottle contains enough for several applications) with Whipped Cream leave-in conditioner and then apply evenly through your hair – the colour in the bowl is the colour you’ll get on your hair so you really can’t go wrong!

Don’t forget to share your new look with us #milkshakepink on Instagram and Twitter @milkshakehairuk or on our Facebook page.


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Style on time with this summer work style guide.

milk_shake team up with Dorothy Perkins to guide your through the perfect summer work style, simply follow these  tips for quick & easy style at work this summer 

When it gets hot outside (we’re talking sweating-the-minute-you-step-outside level), it’s difficult to find the perfect outfit inspiration. You kind of just want to toss on some cut-offs, a tee and pair of sandals, and that’s it. Sound about right? Well, it’s actually easy to put together a well-styled yet totally easy summer work outfit —if you take the right cues from our fashion editor.

We’ve pulled together five adorable summer looks that take the stress of summer dressing. Keep scrolling to nab our hot looks for a cool summer and shop your favourite ensemble too!

  1. Strategic Slits


When temperatures rise, instinct tells us, ‘so should the hemlines…’ but until recently we’d forgotten that a long, tailored skirt with a strategically placed slit can have the same, wonderful cooling effect as a shorter hemline.

  1. The Dressed-Up Tee


Don’t underestimate a casual cotton tee! Make it feel more polished by tucking it into a skirt or trousers.

Get the look by tucking our Stripe Lace Trim Tee £16 into our Suede Wrap Skirt £85

  1. Consider the shirt dress


Shirt dresses are an essential, especially in crisp cotton for hot summer weather. We love that shirt dresses can be styled in so many different ways: belted, unbelted, buttoned all the way up or left a little loose.

  1. On-Duty Denim


Denim gets an upgrade in the form of a tailored silhouette like a shirt dress, midi skirt or mini skirt.

Our Midwash Denim Shirt Dress £28 and Blush Slouch Boho Bag £28 will keep you looking and feeling cool.

  1. Breathable Black


Black might not come to mind when dressing for a hot summer day, but it works perfectly when you choose lighter fabrics and a looser cut.

Get the look in our Black Sleeve Tube Dress £16 for Parisian summer chic.

Still at a loss of what to wear to work this summer? Take our Quiz and develop YOUR summer workwear uniform.

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Your holiday hair hair checklist, are you prepared for summer?

As the Summer days draw out and the excitement of holidays build, we must start to think about our getaway check list. Everyone is aware of the risk the sun poses to the skin, but many forget their hair…milk_shake ask Ella Hawkey the leading lady at the fabulous Atelier, Clifton for her advice and expertise on how to care for Summer Hair.

milk_shake Holiday Hair

milk_shake Holiday Hair Heroes Checklist

Hair is a living fibre with a cuticle and also requires hydration and SPF to keep it in tip top condition. Natural hair will benefit from a little more TLC in the form of an Intensive treatment whilst on holiday. It’s also very important to cleanse the hair of any Chlorine/Salt which dry and dull the condition. I would recommend milk_shake ‘Nourishing’ Daily Frequent shampoo to cleanse of impurities followed by the Yoghurt Mask (150ml) to condition. These natural products are lightweight but powerful and smell divine.  They drench the hair in moisture and strengthen with Milk proteins, softening the hair and creating mirror like shine. milk_shake also have a brilliant Leave in Conditioning Spray which is handy for damping hair down when you are in and out of the pool. Perfect for kids too, this spray detangles and gives UV protection with no need to rinse.

For coloured hair it is essential to use UV protection. Ideally, I would recommend delaying your colour appointment until you return. The UV rays cause colour fade, which can leave hair dull, warmer in tone and very brittle. To prevent this fade I recommend milk_shake Colour Maintain Shampoo and Conditioner. incredibleMilk---blogThen after washing, prep hair with milk_shake Incredible Milk for an all in one solution to condition and styling. This miracle product has UV and heat protection, it smoothes the cuticle, gives shine, body and light hold. It also creates a barrier to retain shape and prevent frizz (a constant battle vs humidity). Phew, let’s bypass the Cornrows!

My golden rule is to avoid heat as far as possible on holiday. Constant washing and drying leaves hair fluffy and over processed. If you have natural movement why not let your hair have a break too?! It will thank you for allowing it to dry naturally and texture is very fashionable. Try prepping curly hair with milk_shake Curl Passion Designer. This will hydrate and separate natural curls beautifully. To create a tousled ‘Beachy’ finish I LOVE  NO INHIBITION ‘Sea Salt Spray’. This product lifts layers and creates a dry ‘Surfy’ texture. Why not also take inspiration from the celebs (Blake Lively, Sienna Millar for example..) and incorporate a few plaits for a bohemian vibe? Straight hair is OVER so get creative and embrace your natural wave.


On your return, head straight to your salon for a colour refresh and an intensive treatment at the backwash.

milk_shake direct colour cocktail

milk_shake direct colour cocktails refresh your colour instantly

Try a milk_shake direct colour cocktail with tailored tone, this will breathe new life into tangled tresses and lock in your new colour’s radiance. Then get a proper cut and a bouncy blow dry to go with your gorgeous tan. At least when you get back to work with the post Hols blues, you will have your colleagues green with envy;)!






*To arrange a consultation at Atelier please call the team on 01179734142 or book your slot online at

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Atelier Salon – Inspiring Bridal Hair

Earlier this year Atelier opened their doors. A stylish rough luxe design salon, lovingly created to bring clients quality and experience, at Atelier they believe in going the extra mile and milk_shake Haircare have joined their journey. With such an inspired, passionate and friendly team, they are most certainly a luxury oasis of tranquillity within the bustling heart of Clifton Village, Bristol.

Ella Hawkey, salon owner and the leading lady at Atelier tells us more. After presenting milk_shake with her charming Ethereal Collection we asked Ella to offer some expertise and advice to those girls preparing for their special day, below you will find the stunning Ethereal Collection along with Ella’s guide to finding your perfect Bridal Style.

140430 Atelier BHA session 1 -006 ethereal

“This year you could say all my Christmases came at once…
My wonderful partner of 5 years, completely unexpectedly, presented me with a stunning diamond ring on Christmas Eve. I also embarked on my first business venture and opened our beautiful salon ‘Atelier’ in Clifton Village. It’s funny how you can wish for things for years, then in a heartbeat everything changes at once. I had been banging on about setting up on my own for too long, so finally took the plunge and left my job to focus on setting up the salon. Now in month five, our fledgling business is growing and evolving. Every day I look forward to being in our creative haven, meeting new people and working with my fantastic team of stylists.
I have styled many Brides over 15 years as a Hairdresser. I absolutely love putting hair up and really enjoy creating something unique and individual for my clients. Ironically now I am a Bride to be, I’m unsure of what I want! With so much choice available to us now, it is hard to commit to a style? Vintage, Grecian, Fairytale??
Looking at my clients, I instinctively know what will work and suit them. The process of developing that look (that’s captured for a lifetime) is a subtle balance of getting a feel for a person’s personality, essence and dreams really. It is, let’s face it, every girl’s dream to find their Prince Charming, and for many the only time when all their loved ones will be together to witness this intimate event. It’s a big deal! You want to represent the best possible version of yourself and feel confident and relaxed. I hear so many clients say that they regret the style they chose on their big day, or worse, of disastrous customer service or hairdressing horrors at the hands of amateur and unprofessional stylists. It got me really thinking about what makes the process enjoyable and special? So here are my top tips for your Bridal hair preparation. No one likes a Bridezilla ladies… so heed the warning!140430 Atelier BHA session 1 -004 ethereal

The Rules :

• First and foremost, I would say don’t deviate too far from the real you. The one he wants to marry! Suddenly changing your colour or going for a dramatic fringe can be a big mistake. I would keep colour natural and prioritise condition above all else. A good stylist can devise a programme of colour and cutting/conditioning on the run up to the event to ensure your hair is at its absolute optimum. This should be taken into account in the year running up to the wedding, with final cut/colour service usually one/two weeks prior to the day.

• Arrange a trial with a salon/stylist you trust about two months before the date. I would advise you bring a friend/family member with you for a second opinion. Someone who is patient, good company and ‘gets’ your style. A trial can be fun and is crucial in establishing what does and doesn’t work. Remember texture, length and face shape are all relevant factors when deciding on the final look. Sometimes what you see in a picture may not translate well on yourself. I would be open minded and be guided by your stylist as to what will work best. A photo can be a great starting point in consultation so by all means do your research. Pinterest is just great for creating a mood board of images you like (I’m addicted) make sure you occasionally come up for air though!

• Bring to the trial any veil, ornamentation you intend to wear and a photo of your dress and even venue. This way your stylist can visualise you in the context of the whole day and setting.

• On the day, I cannot emphasise enough, to allow plenty of time. Every wedding I have ever been a part of has had a frantic half hour before the Bride has to be dressed and get going. It’s
inevitable, but good planning and a schedule will ensure things run as smoothly as they can! Hair up can take 1 to 2 hours per person. This is because you will often need to be set to create texture. The setting is paramount as it creates the internal structure of the style. Good wedding hair should have a polished and soft exterior Good wedding hair should have a polished and soft exterior with an internal scaffolding! Remember it may have to stand up to variations in weather and hours of photos, drinking and dancing. Your stylist will ascertain during the trial whether you/your bridesmaids should wash your hair on the day.

• As a rule it is easier to do wedding hair in a salon environment with everything to hand. However it is sometimes viable to get the hairdresser to come to your venue. This obviously means more cost incurred, but can be less stressful if you have a large wedding party. You will need ample space with access to shower facilities, multiple power points and ideally a few large mirrors. Prices vary from salon to stylist but I charge £65+ for a Bridal trial and £100+ on the day for a more polished version. This will depend on how intricate and labour intensive the style is. On a Saturday, if your stylist comes to the venue, you could expect to add the loss of revenue in their salon (due to travel time) and incur travel costs for more than one stylist. Get a few quotes by all means, but make sure you feel you are getting value for money. I think it is important to feel a rapport with your chosen stylist. They will be present at potentially the biggest day of your life. The morning of a wedding can be so much fun and you want to create a balance of calm and excitement.

140430 Atelier BHA session 1 -014 cropped

So there it is girls, the wedding hair low down. I can’t wait to arrange my own special day, but for now will continue to enjoy being an intrinsic part of those who tread the aisle before me.”

140131 Atelier Clifton -016

Atelier offer exclusive wedding packages. They are due to launch their luxury Spa in Sept which will cater for all essential maintenance, massage, facials, spray tanning manicures and pedicures. For complimentary Bridal consultations please call our team on 01179734142 or book with Ella or Suz online at

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Balayage Hair Colouring, Why We Love It!

Balayage, The Hair Colouring Technique That You Should Take Notice Of!

Balayage hair colouring

The subtle and stunning effects of Balayage Colouring


We quizzed the fabulous team at milk_shake Salon, Daniel Jordan to find out all we want to know about Balayage Colouring.

Balayage is a French word meaning “to sweep”.  It is a free hand highlighting technique that involves the use of bleach. This particular technique is perfect if you are looking for a more natural appearance or ‘beachy’ effect because it follows the natural fall of your hair giving a multi tonal look and avoiding streaky or stripy hair.

Perfect for long dark hair, “it is often assumed that Balayage is a technique used only for blondes but this is not true.  You can create some really gorgeous toffee and caramel tones by using the Balayage technique.  Take look at Jessica Biel, Rachel Bilson or Lily Aldridge.  They are all great examples of brunettes who have had Balayage and they all look fabulous”, Daniel suggests.

Blonde hair needs TLC, beware!  Yes, you can still have Balayage if you are blonde but be wary of having this technique over existing highlights as there is a risk that your hair will become over processed which will result in very dry hair that may snap.  If you visit a good colourist or any milk_shake salon they would be aware of this and have a selection of  conditioning treatments that would help to resolve this issue.  We would recommend milk_shake integrity range, both to prepare the hair for colouring and to help repair and nourish the hair post colouring.

milk_shake have a huge range of colours that are perfect to use during Balayage, ask about milk_shake semi permanent colours – an excellent range as they are so rich in milk proteins that condition the hair incredibly well.  The semi’s also deposit wonderful tones into the hair, anyone looking for a ‘beachy’ look or anyone wanting to kill yellow tone in their hair, milk_shake direct colour in silver, would be ideal. If you are a brunette looking for toffee or caramel tones ask your stylist about Cacao in milk_shake semi permanent range!  Stunning!!!!

High Maintanance? Not at all!  The whole point of Balayage is that it will create a more natural effect even on a more ‘beachy’ look.  Your colourist will follow the natural fall of your hair so your re-growth should not be so obvious as the hair and look will grow down naturally.  If you prefer the more beachy, surf chic blonder look you can enjoy a slight root to show as your hair grows.

Professional tip would be to make sure you are using milk_shake direct colour as a top up toner as your hair starts to feel dull.

Balayage is suitable for many hair types. If you have fine hair Balayage Colouring will add fullness and body at the roots, if you have thick and heavy hair, the different tones that are created through the Balayage technique will help to give the appearance of movement and bounce!

We absolutely discourage anyone from trying to perform the Balayage technique at home. Balayage is a hairdressing art and should only be done by a professional colourist who has trained in this. It is a speedy technique but it requires skill and an indepth understanding of hair, particularly in order to protect fragile hair.  What can be done at home is an application of milkshakes direct colour supplied by your colourist as a top up toner if necessary. Your colourist would advise you on this product.

“I couldn’t imagine a world without Balayage! Its such a great technique for so many different hair types and styles, more and more colourists are becoming trained in this versatile technique and it is definitely here to stay!”


Daniel Jordan milk_shake hair expert
Daniel works his magic


Daniel Jordan London, Sevenoaks, Kent

Visit to contact Daniel or his team.


How often do you have your hair coloured?

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