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Should You Colour Your Hair At Home?

Trying to decide if you should colour your hair at home during lockdown?  We hear you!  You’re not the only one who is desperately trying to conceal greys or longing for an appointment with your favourite hair colourist!  

Our hairdressers are certainly missing us but, there is no doubt about it, as a nation we are missing them even more!  So before you give in and attempt to colour your hair at home with permanent colour,  you must read on and take some advice from the experts in hair colouring.

‘Caution – always remember that you visit an experienced, extensively trained hairdresser for a reason!!! Now is not the time to dismiss this – you need to hang on in there for your professional colourist because doing a permanent DIY job at home during lockdown could be disastrous.  Using permanent colour on your hair may well have serious & long lasting consequences!’

‘There’s so much involved and so much at stake when you take the colour process into your own hands’ explains milk_shake Education Manager Josie Newman!


You must consider the steps your hairdresser would normally take to prepare your hair, the actual process (and the mess that comes with it), and of course the integrity of your hair. Everyone’s hair colour and condition is unique and should be respected and treated according to its specific needs.  


If your home colour doesn’t turn out how you are hoping, then what?!  One thing is for certain, you will have to live with it as there will be no hairdressers available for colour correction during lockdown!

Below are the things to consider before you colour your hair at home:

Damage To Your Hair

Think damage limitation.  Your professional hairdresser will mix together well-researched colours and professional products that he or she has been expertly trained to use – this enables them to achieve a healthy and seamless colour that is tailored to your needs and desires.  

A ‘one-shade-suits-all’ solution will not be tailored to the colour or condition of your hair.  During the colouring process your hairdresser will check for tone, tailor the length of application time to suit your hair condition and consider the stubbornness of greys and the underlying tones of your locks.  Without their expertise you can expect to see damage to the cuticle and condition of the hair usually caused by length of processing and overlapping.

The Consequences To Your Colour 

When you’re used to visiting a professional colourist, opting to colour your hair at home may well have disastrous and long-lasting consequences.  

Uneven colour is likely the best case scenario so what else can you expect?

/ Banding (where you try to colour match your roots to your existing colour) is almost guaranteed and can be a costly affair to have corrected when you can eventually get to your favourite hairdresser.  

/ When lightening your colour at home, ask yourself if you can live with uneven tones (orange and green tinges would not be uncommon) and the possibility of breakage and serious damage to your hair cuticle

/ Darkening your hair at home can often lead to extremely dark, flat colour that drains your complexion and needs a number of visits to your hairdresser to strip out

/ In our opinion, red hair should absolutely be left to the experts.  Remember once you’ve applied red colour to blonde hair, it is almost impossible to remove!

Colour Correction Warning!

A costly and time consuming visit (or worse visits!) to your hairdresser after lockdown became a reality to many of those who attempted to colour their hair at home during the last two lockdowns.  If you’re lucky,  your hairdresser may be able to touch up your colour but in many cases, colourists will need to strip out your colour, reapply and retouch with toners over a number of visits to the salon.   Your condition is likely to be affected by at home blunders so intense in-salon and take-home treatments will also be necessary to repair the damage you’ve caused.

Are there any temporary, damage-free solutions to keeping your colour looking good and concealing those pesky grey roots until you can revisit your hairdresser?

To conceal grey roots?

milk_shake’s SOS Roots is your answer to grey root coverage!



This instant coloured spray comes in 6 shades and covers grey hair regrowth with a natural effect without leaving any residue. Choose from brown, dark brown, light blond, blond, mahogany and black, apply onto the root and you can expect instant and total coverage until the hair is next washed.

The pigments within milk_shake SOS Roots are naturally-sourced and are taken from minerals and their properties give rich and intense colour with a quick action that hides greys. 

SOS Roots is £13.99/€15.99 and can be purchased by visiting your local milk_shake hair salon or alternatively you can shop here  

To refresh and boost shine and condition on your mid lengths and ends.

Take a look at Colour Whipped Cream.  The ultimate solution to revive colour, give maximum shine and maintain hair radiance with milk_shake’s much loved temporary colour whipped cream! 

milk_colour whipped cream


Choose from one of 12 easy to apply shades for an immediate and even colour tone to the hair. Colour Whipped Cream contains milk proteins that condition and restructure the hair, special emollients that give long-lasting hydration and our exclusive ingredient Integrity 41 that improves colour stability. The colour tone is removed easily by cleansing. 

How to apply?  It’s oh-so-simple:  shake well and hold the can upside down to dispense and apply evenly to clean damp hair, then blow dry in and style.  

Colour Whipped Cream is £11.19/€13.99 and can be purchased by visiting your local milk_shake hair salon or alternatively you can shop here   

To keep your blonde hair colour refreshed

Is your blonde hair beginning to show signs of yellow and brassy tones?  Are you noticing your hair is becoming a little dry or brittle? milk_shake Silver Shine is your ultimate solution!  

milk_shake silver shine


The range combines the restructuring benefits of milk proteins, vitamin rich blueberries and violet pigment to brighten and neutralise unwanted yellow tones in blonde or grey hair. The range has a choice of two shampoos, a conditioner and a Whipped Cream Leave In Conditioner that have been designed to leave blonde hair looking brighter, shinier, softer and healthier.   

Easy to use and with simple and instant results with prices starting from £8.39/€9.49 for 100ml bottles.  Shop here

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