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milk_shake® Incredible Oil is an extraordinary oil that has the power to change your hair forever!

If you are hoping to transform tired, frizzy and damaged hair into uber-healthy and super-shiny locks then read on and ask your hairdresser for more information on milk_shake® Incredible Oil

What is milk_shake® Incredible Oil?

A film-forming leave in treatment formulated to protect hair from the heat of blow-drying, straightening and other stress factors that weaken the hair.  It gives nourishment, detangles and helps seal the cuticle to repair and prevent split ends, leaving hair incredibly shiny, manageable and light.

What are the ingredients?

milk_shake® Incredible Oil contains a blend of carefully selected, luxurious ingredients that have been selected for their triple action on damaged hair and split ends: it repairs, protects and prevents!

organic muru muru butter.

A soothing organic plant-based butter known for its nourishing and restructuring action on dry damaged hair.  With its restorative and film-forming properties, it helps to protect the cuticle from excessive heat and environmental and mechanical stress, such as brushing, which is one of the main causes of split ends.

organic argan oil

An organic oil that is obtained from cold pressing to preserve its precious cosmetic virtues:  it nourishes, regenerates, softens and tames frizz whilst keeping the hair light.  It repairs and enhances manageability, preventing split ends.

shea butter 

Nature and technology combine to give shine and vitality to hair with this special, sustainable, biodegradable liquid butter.  It combines a high-quality film forming action on the hair with the soothing and protective power of shea butter.  For shiny, soft and manageable hair.

high-tech polymers

A technologically advanced and highly efficient ingredient that is known for its head protection and contribution to manageability.  It contributes to preserving the hair’s integrity when blow-drying or using irons and gives manageability, compactness, and definition to the final results.  It envelops the hair fibres, smoothing the cuticle, helping to seal split ends and preventing further damage or breakage.



What will milk_shake® Incredible Oil do to my hair?

milk_shake® Incredible Oil is part of the Integrity System and has been created to change your hair forever.  Here’s 12 reasons why:

_ film forming and thermo-protective, it protects hair from the heat of blow-drying & irons

_it contributes to the reparation process of damaged hair and split ends

_it smoothens and seals the cuticle

_it strengthens and gives consistency to the hair fibre

_it helps to prevent split ends, breakage and shaft damage

_soothing and nourishing, it makes hair soft and silky

_it detangles and prevents tangles

_it gives shine and enhances the hair’s radiance

_it tames frizz

_it enhances natural or cosmetic hair colour

_it improves manageability during styling

_it doesn’t weigh the hair down and is ideal for all hair types





Silver Shine – the delicious treat for blonde hair!

Silver Shine combines the restructuring benefits of milk proteins, vitamin rich blueberries and violet pigment to brighten and neutralise unwanted yellow tones in blonde.


Keep your locks luscious all summer long with milk_shake’s dedicated SUN & MORE range to protect and nourish hair during the sunshine season and.


milk_shake® Safe Lightener Complex has quickly become a salon hair-hero!   After an awesome reaction from milk_shake® salons and stylists across the world, we.