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We are delighted to introduce 4 incredible new products into the milk_shake Lifestyling range.

Define, give hold and transform hair in a few, simple steps with the milk_shake Lifestyling range, to create an infinite variety of glamorous hairstyles.

Whatever your style, milk_shake Lifestyling is the perfect solution: a product range designed to create any look, from the most natural to the most elaborate. The line has been created to satisfy hairstylists’ demands for highly efficient products, as well as the needs of women who play with their look each and every day and want products that respect their hair.

Each product has been carefully crafted with its own unique fragrance and sensational effects on the hair.  Define, protect, give hold and transform hair in just a few simple steps with this fantastic range of hair products.


milk_shake Defining Wax

A waterbased formula with a light modelling effect, giving a touch of shine and flexible definition to the hair.




milk_shake Texturizing Cream

A bodifying and molding cream that is particularly suitable for fine hair.  When applied to dry hair it gives body, separation and control for creative and unkempt looks.




  milk_shake Free Hand Paste

A molding paste with flexible control and an elastic and stretchy   texture.  The product manipulates the hair and allows you to create   and define an infinite array of hairstyles.





           milk_shake Thermo-Protectormilk_shake LIFESTYLING Thermo protector

The ultimate heat protection for hair.  This ultra fine formula has been created to protect the hair fibre from the heat of blow-drying,  straightening irons and curling wands.  This product creates an invisible film over the hair that prevents split ends, breakage and damage as well as reducing drying time.








Blondes Love Sweet Camomile

  The Sweetness Of Camomile & Honey Illuminates Blonde Hair! Whether you were born a blonde or you have decided to lighten up over.


milk_shake® Session Stylists Teresa Weller and Kelly Summerfield headed the backstage team for Innu London during February. Upcoming designer Kim Melville-Smith launched her latest.


Will milk_shake® Sweet Camomile suit my hair? We all love the sun kissed look we get when the sun gently lightens our hair colour.