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If you invest in any beauty product this month, let it be hairdressers’ favourite miracle conditioner: milk_shake® Leave In Conditioner

We know, we hear you: there’s a miracle hair product thrust in front of you every time you browse a magazine, scroll through your Facebook feed and visit your hair stylist. But truthfully, this one is more special that your average conditioning spritzer.

Ready to add a must-have product to your hair routine?

Here’s why the entire hairdressing world gets addicted to milk_shake® Leave In Conditioner after one single dose! Click here to locate your local milk_shake premier salon.

    1. It comes in 2 sizes at a realistic £8.19 for 100ml or £16.29 for 300ml – it isn’t going to break the bank and you have to understand just how long this bottle will last you! It goes on and on and on.
    2. Head sore? Feel immense tension when you are trying to pull out those knots? Have a little girl who crys and yelps each morning as you tug at her hair before school? Be prepared for the miracle – no more tugs, crys, screams! Easy hair brushing with this extremely effective Leave In Conditioner.
    3. Have we mentioned the smell? The smell. Oh the smell! Prepare to become an instant addict when you spritz this smell around your hair. Expect a wonderful aroma of cookie dough vanilla essence.

What it does?

  1. Revitalising honey extract soothes and protects hair whilst vitamin rich fruit extracts of Strawberry and Blueberry revitalise dull, limp hair
  2. Hydrated hair? This is for you!
  3. Preserves colour by sealing the cuticles specially formulated complex Integrity® 41 (milk_shake exclusive patented complex of anti-oxidants) ensures colour integrity is protected against free radicals and hair is shielded from the oxidising effects of environmental agents









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