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Love Your Awesome Hairdresser

Why your hairdresser should be top on your BFF list!

A hairdresser is a fairy godmother (or godfather) to the modern woman: that person who waves their scissors and tint brush like a magic wand and instantly, with a puff of smoke, everything seems to be so much more perfect. A hairdresser puts smiles on the faces of thousands of people every year, they make you feel fabulous when you don’t think it’s possible, they listen quietly and patiently whilst you divulge all sorts of information and they absolutely give you a power shot of confidence that see’s you walk taller, smile brighter and lift your head higher.



So, in an era where many connections are digitally focussed, these are the old-school rules you need to follow to max out on your new BFF!

Honesty. This is essential at every stage of your relationship with your colourist or stylist (take note: info on the secret fling with local footballer isn’t required!). Don’t be afraid to admit that you have been using supermarket shampoo or that you coloured your hair at home because you couldn’t get into the salon. The more open and honest you are with your stylist, the better understanding they will have of how to correct any hair issues. You both have the same goal: beautiful, fabulous, healthy, shiny hair that SCREAMS: ‘I have an amazing hairdresser! ‘ Remember, your goddess status is your hairdresser’s reputation and future client list.

Trust. So, we hear you….trust takes time and has to built, but, when you visit a salon and request a professional stylist or colourist (we’re assuming that you have done a little research pre-visit), then you should listen and take advice from the expert you are investing your time and money in. If your colourist recommends that lightening your hair in stages is the best way to maintain its integrity take note: this is a true professional who cares about the health of your hair.



Share your vision. Ok, you arrive at the salon with a dream cut and colour. We get it: you’ve been stalking the Kardashians on Instagram all weekend and you just have to upgrade your hair! Be careful not to assume that your hairdresser has also been stalking the Kardashians. The colour of your dreams and the exact colour and style that your hairdresser is imagining from your description could be VERY different. Screen shot as many images as you can that will represent your preferred look and then discuss them during your consultation. A professional hairdresser will subtly tell you if your square face shape doesn’t quite work with the Anne Hathaway pixie crop that you’re crushing on!


Consider that your hairdresser is also a hair product expert. We understand you want beautiful, vibrant, healthier hair that consistently looks amazing in between salon visits. Remember, your hairdresser is the most knowledgeable person to prescribe home haircare products for your specific hair type. Forget clogging up your bathroom cabinets with yet more shampoos and conditioners that do not work their magic on your hair: take the opportunity to quiz your hairdresser on the very best products to suit your hair type, hair length and possibly your budget. Investing in professional products is a must if you want to maintain colour and condition in between salon visits but, with so many choices, you need an expert to guide you in the right direction.

Get your styling advice from the the pro. ‘I wish I could get my hair to look like my hairdresser does?’ – sound familiar? Your stylist has spent many years qualifying and building their experience to ensure that they can make your hair look that good. There is something that you should consider! Do you use the professional tools that they do and the styling products that your stylist swears by? Have you ever walked out of a salon without your hairdresser using a blow-dry cream or offering a spritz of hairspray to keep your locks in place. Ask your stylist to give you tips and advice on exactly how you should replicate the look at home. When they recommend styling products you should consider that these are the very same products that they have used to create your oh-so-gorgeous hairstyle!

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