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milk_shake® are delighted to launch 5 new head-turning Creative Colour shades to celebrate a new season of style.

African Wood is inspired by the world of wood and the infinite colours that only nature can offer.

The African Wood series is a fantasy series that boasts 5 new brown colours that, depending on the reflection will give either a violet or pinkish result.

The colours are 3.87 African Walnut, 5.88 Teak, 6.8 African Olive and 9.86 Pink Ivory.  Their balanced formulas allow for excellent grey coverage!


New Lifestyling

The new additions to milk_shake’s Lifestyling range get amazing reviews from stylists across the UK! ‘Wow!  I didn’t think Lifestyling could get any better.

Silver Shine – the delicious treat for blonde hair!

Silver Shine combines the restructuring benefits of milk proteins, vitamin rich blueberries and violet pigment to brighten and neutralise unwanted yellow tones in blonde.

Camomile & Honey

The Sweetness Of Camomile & Honey Illuminates Blonde Hair! Whether you were born a blonde or you have decided to lighten up over the.