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nourishing muru muru butter

milk_shake® Nourishing Muru Muru Butter is the ultimate pre-shampoo treatment for damaged and chemically treated hair

This unique hair product will leave your hair noticeably soft, nourished and shiny after just one application, it has a powerful combination of ingredients that restore and maintain healthy hair.

How to use:-

For hair that is frazzled and in very bad condition

-Heat the product gently with a hairdry and then distribute the milk_shake® Nourishing Muru Muru  Butter product over dry lengths and ends for up to 5 minutes.

-Follow by rinsing with milk_shake® Integrity Nourishing Shampoo.

-Continuing the treatment process by using either milk_shake® integrity conditioner or integrity intensive treatment.

For hair that needs a little TLC

-Mix milk_shake® Nourishing Muru Muru Butter with Integrity Conditioner or Intensive Treatment.

-Shampoo with milk_shake Integrity Shampoo.

-Follow by distributing your treatment mix over the hair, leave for 3 to 5 minutes, comb with a wide tooth comb.

-Rinse thoroughly.

Introducing the rest of the range:-

milk_shake® Nourishing Shampoo offers the benefit of gentle cleansing with a salt and sulphate free formula.  Whilst nourishing, moisturizing and conditioning your hair, this shampoo will also helps preserve your colour using the unique milk_shake® integrity 41© formula.

milk_shake® Nourishing Conditioner is a specially formulated deeply nourishing conditioner that can be used on all hair types, this again has the added benefit of preserving colour using milk_shake® integrity 41© formula.

milk_shake® Integrity Repairing hair treatment combines essential proteins and amino acids that are specifically designed to treat highly damaged and chemically treated hair.  This treatment should be left on clean hair for between 5 and 10 minutes, you will notice instant results!

milk_shake® Integrity Intensive Treatment allows you to eliminate the frizz whilst deeply nourishing your hair.  This treatment works by cleverly sealing the cuticle which locks in your colour, detangles and results in soft and shiny hair.

milk_shake® Integrity Booster is a protein-based spray in pre-shampoo treatment for the repair and restructuring of damaged and chemically treated hair.  The ultimate treatment to use when combatting split ends!

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