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milk_shake® Salon Uses Salon IQ Software System

milk_shake® Festival Pop Up Salon booked up thanks to Salon IQ Software!

IMG_2249Introduction to Salon IQ

Going back to November 2015 when we were in the initial planning stages of the milk_shake® Festival salons, we could never have anticipated just how important a great online booking system would be.  After recommendation from a number of salon owners, we spoke with the team at Salon IQ and they installed a system that would soon become our saviour!  We didn’t have a member of our team to manually take bookings in the run up to Glastonbury so, not only did the system save us a huge amount of man power, it also ensured that bookings could be taken in the evenings and at weekends which we knew would be a priority for our target audience.

The Set Up

Set up was so straight forward.  Our dedicated adviser, Simone, sent an initial email and asked us to provide her with information on team members, opening hours, service menu and prices – she then took over and set everything up for us offering advice and recommendations on how to make best use of the system along the way.  We received training over the phone which was really useful and were offered further training if required.

Customer Service

As a brand developing a Pop Up service, we do not regularly work on client bookings : this meant that we needed assistance and industry expertise to guide us through.  The team at Salon IQ completely understood (and in some cases explained) the demands that we were to face and helped us over come situations before they arose.  Not only do Salon IQ have the live customer service option on their website, they are also on the end of the telephone.  On every occasion it was simple to get hold of the customer services team and they quickly and efficiently managed any problems.


Ease Of Use

The system is so straight forward and easy to use!  There was an incredible amount of detail that we had the option to investigate – for salon owners, this system could completely reinvent your staff meetings and has wonderful monitoring tools.  Graphs, facts and figures clearly identify trends and allow for in depth reviews and reports.  Sending questionnaires to clients after they have visited for genuine feedback is also one of our favourite features.

Would we recommend the system?  Every business must thoroughly investigate their own business tools, however, based on the milk_shake experience of Salon IQ, we would certainly recommend that you seriously consider their services when you are researching a new booking system.



As the muddiest Glastonbury Festival in history unfolded, celebrities, singers, bloggers and the exclusive guests of the Pop-Up hotel flocked to the beautifully designed.

milk_shake® Deep Colour Complex

The Deep Colour Complex is a silicone-free professional additive that is added to your colour in-salon and designed to improve the intensity, coverage and.

beautiful milk_shake® colour transformation

When we noticed the beautiful image that milk_shake® Creative Vision Live winner, Gemma Evers-Buckland had uploaded to Instagram earlier this week, we thought it.