A sophisticated and elegant hair styling line that takes the consumer on a journey into an elite world made of contrasts, colors and shapes to create, define and reach perfection.

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  • Specials NO INHIBITION 12 Wonders

    NO INHIBITION 12 Wonders 140ml

    £13.99 £6.99

    Leave in spray for all hair types.

    NO INHIBITION 12 Wonders is an intensive spray mask that has 12 benefits to the hair.

  • Specials NO INHIBITION Silkening Milk

    NO INHIBITION Silkening Milk 140ml

    £13.99 £6.99

    Hydrating and shining milk.

    No Inhibition Silkening Milk gives softness to the hair, leaving it detangled and supple.

  • Specials NO INHIBITION Body Booster

    NO INHIBITION Body Booster 125 ml

    £12.39 £6.19

    A bodifying cream made with guarana and organic extracts that creates volume, giving a thickening effect.

    NO INHIBITION Body Booster gives root lift and fuller hair.

  • Specials NO INHIBITION Curl Definer-0

    NO INHIBITION Curl Definer

    £13.99 £6.99

    Flexibility and long lasting hold.

    It defines and models every curl and fights humidity and frizz, leaving hair supple, conditioned and radiant.

  • NO INHIBITION Smoothing Cream

    NO INHIBITION Smoothing Cream 200ml


    Extra-smoothing Cream.
    We like extremely straight styles. This cream fights humidity and gives maximum shine, controls frizz and leaves the hair manageable, smooth and silky.

  • Specials NO INHIBITION Moulding Mudd 50ml-0

    NO INHIBITION Moulding Mudd 75ml

    £16.49 £8.25

    We also like matt styles.

    NO INHIBITION Moulding Clay to construct and define a matt style.

  • Specials NO INHIBITION Volumizing Powder

    NO INHIBITION Volumizing Powder 5g

    £12.39 £6.19

    Matt volumizing powder.

    Matt volumizing powder that gives volume and structure to every style.

  • Specials NO INHIBITION Sticky Paste

    NO INHIBITION Sticky Paste 75ml

    £16.49 £8.25

    Sticky paste.

    Use and play. No Inhibition Sticky Paste is a very versatile sticky paste that builds and models every hairstyle.

  • Specials NO INHIBITION Sea Salt Spray

    NO INHIBITION Sea Salt Spray 250ml

    £16.49 £8.25

    Sea salt spray for hair with volume and hold.
    With guarana & organic extracts. Creates a day at the beach look and gives texture to any kind of style.

  • Specials NO INHIBITION Fluid Gloss 50ml-0

    NO INHIBITION Fluid Gloss 50ml

    £16.49 £8.25

    Anti-frizz polishing fluid.

    Just a few drops to moisturize and make your hair shiny and silky.

  • Specials NO INHIBITION Glaze-0


    £13.99 £6.99

    A liquid gel that slides and fixes.

    Gives body, elasticity and definition to all hair types. To be used as a modeling gel before drying for straight or curly hair. Leaves your hair defined, shiny and vibrant.

  • Specials NO INHIBITION Texturizing & Volumizing Foam-0

    NO INHIBITION Texturizing and Volumizing Foam

    £16.49 £8.25

    Gives maximum volume, structure and texture with flexible and long-lasting hold.

    Fights humidity. Use with a hair-dryer, free-hand or for a finishing touch to your style.

  • Specials NO INHIBITION Volumizing & Styling Foam 250ml-0

    NO INHIBITION Volumizing & Styling Foam 250ml

    £16.49 £8.25

    Gives body and volume with a natural control to fix the style with a blow-dryer or free-hand.

    Provides flexible hold and fights humidity.

  • NO INHIBITION Shaping Pomade 50ml-0

    NO INHIBITION Shaping Pomade 50ml


    Modeling Paste.

    Builds, defines and manipulates to give volume and texture. Play as much as you want.

  • Specials NO INHIBITION Volumizer Hairspray 400ml-0

    NO INHIBITION Volumizer Hairspray 400ml

    £13.99 £6.99

    Volumizing Hairspray.

    A hairspray that makes any hairstyle last with a memory effect, giving flexible, strong and volumizing support to the hair.

  • Specials

    NO INHIBITION AGE RENEW Revitalising Mask

    £21.99 £10.99

    A deep nourishing treatment for hair to improve its structure and beauty over time.

    *paraben free formula