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  • blonde hair

    blonde hair (14)

    Whatever your shade of blonde, milk_shake have the ultimate range of professional hair products to keep your tone beautiful and your condition incredible.

    Hairdressers, beauty editors and blondies across the globe rave about milk_shake products, toners and haircare that have been specifically designed to ensure that your blonde hair is beautiful in between salon visits.  This page features some of our very favourite blonde hair shampoos, conditioners, treatments and styling products!
  • brown hair

    brown hair (19)

    Whether you're a craving chocolates, coffees, caramels or espressos, milk_shake hair products that have been specifically designed to ensure that your brown hair is beautiful, healthy, glossy and oozing vitality.

    This page features some of our very favourite shampoos, conditioners, treatments and styling products that work perfectly to keep your brown hair in amazing condition!  Want milk_shake colour on your hair?  Find your local milk_shake hairdresser here

  • curly hair

    curly hair (14)

    Embrace your curls with a nourishing, enriching and dedicated product range to keep them looking their very best even when you're unable to visit the salon!

    Dreaming of beautiful, well-defined and perfectly sculpted curls? A fantastic hairdresser and hair products that have been specifically designed for curly hair are a must! You can shop our favourite products that will help you achieve sensationally curly hair in the shopping area below.

  • dry & damaged hair

    dry & damaged hair (12)

    Dreaming of beautiful, glossy, healthy and shiny hair? You have come to the perfect milk_shake destination. This page is dedicated to our favourite hair rescue products for dry and damaged hair.

    Hairdressers, beauty editors and consumers across the globe love to use milk_shake products to repair, hydrate and nourish their dry and damaged hair. Combine regular trims, professional hair colouring services, a healthy and balanced diet with incredible repairing hair products and your hair will be back to beautiful in no time.

  • fine hair

    fine hair (11)

    Care for your fine hair with milk_shake's collection of deliciously scented and organic sugar cane infused volumising hair products.

    If you are looking for the best products for fine hair, discover milk_shake volumising solution and lifestyling range to help you give the illusion of thicker, fuller hair. We recommend that you visit one of our milk_shake salons and discuss the best haircuts for fine hair with your hairdresser. Always avoid whispy layers and why not consider a blunt bob? Whatever ever your hairstyle, choose from the below selection of volume boosting styling products and hair care treatments.

  • red hair

    red hair (13)

    Whatever your shade of red or copper hair, milk_shake have the ultimate range of professional hair products to keep your hair colour vibrant and your condition incredible.

    Maintaining vibrant, healthy red hair can be tricky and it's essential that you take advantage of the very best hair products to keep your red looking and feeling amazing. Hairdressers, beauty editors and red heads across the globe rave about milk_shake products, treatments and conditioners that have been specifically designed to ensure that your red hair remains beautiful in between salon visits. This page features some of our very favourite shampoos, conditioners, treatments and styling products for those with red, copper or purple hair.

  • milk_shake scalp care

    milk_shake scalp care (5)

    milk_shake scalp care range has been designed to improve the wellbeing of the scalp

    created to strengthen and improve hair health.   At the heart of the range lies the search for the natural, simple wellbeing of the scalp and hair and gentle products that respect this delicate balance, which have resulted in high quality, targeted and efficient solutions.

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  • silver shine light

    milk_shake Silver Shine Light


    milk_shake Silver Shine Light Shampoo combines the benefits of purple pigment, organic berry extracts, milk proteins and Integrity 41 to maintain blonde, grey or white hair colour.  

    Thereduction of violet pigment compared to the original milk_shake Silver Shine Shampoo, makes milk_shake Silver Shine Light Shampoo neutralise unwanted yellow or brassy tones moderately: ideal for those people who want a balanced, cool blonde.

    SLES free

  • milk_shake incredible oil

    milk_shake Integrity Incredible Oil

    A repairing and protective oil for damaged hair for split ends.

    milk_shake Incredible Oil is a film-forming leave-in treatment that has been formulated to protect hair from the heat from blow-drying, straightening and other stress factors that weaken the hair. It provides nourishment, detangles and helps seal the cuticle to counteract and prevent split ends, leaving hair incredibly shiny, manageable and light.


  • milk_shake Purifying Blend Shampoo


    milk_shake Purifying Blend Shampoo is an intensive purifying shampoo for scalp and hair.

    milk_shake Purifying Shampoo cleanses whilst gently neutralising the scalp and freeing it from impurities, dandruff, sebum, sweat and styling product residue.  Selected plant-based ingredients contribute to protecting scalp and hair from pollution, for a healthy, shiny result.

    Ideal for men and women with dandruff who want to gently cleanse their hair and get rid of grease, impurities and dullness.

  • milk_shake ARGAN Deep treatment

    milk_shake Argan Deep Treatment


    milk_shake Argan Deep Treatment eliminates frizz and adds softness

    With wheat proteins and organic argan oil, its nourishing formula is suitable for all hair types, adding shine and manageability, whilst preserving hair colour integrity.

  • milk_shake Volume Solution Conditioner


    milk_shake Volume Conditioner detangles and provides weightless volume to normal/fine hair. 

    Paraben free, with a deep action, milk_shake Volume Solution Conditioner provides softness and body without weighing the hair down. Containing precious sugar derivatives, it transforms and gives volume to all hair types, with a deep reviving action.

  • milk_shake sweet camomile shampoo

    milk_shake Sweet Camomile Shampoo


    milk_shake Sweet Camomile Shampoo is a revitalising shampoo for blonde hair.

    Specifically formulated to revive highlights, enhancing the brilliance and vibrancy of blonde hair. The camomile extract and organic honey in its formula act to soften hair and revive blonde highlights.

  • milk_shake milk mask

    milk_shake Active Milk Mask


    A deliciously scented hair treatment that strengthens dry or damaged hair. Milk proteins, avocado, rice oils, honey, fruit extracts and vitamin E condition and give body to the hair. Integrity 41 improves colour stability.


  • milk_shake sweet camomile conditioner

    milk_shake Sweet Camomile Conditioner


    milk_shake Sweet Camomile Conditioner is a revitalising conditioner for blonde hair.

    It has a paraben free formula with softening and detangling action. It revives highlights, enhances the shine and brilliance of blonde hair and increases manageability. Its formula combines organic camomile extract, renowned for its lightening properties, with organic honey, prized for its nourishing properties, making the hair incredibly soft and silky with brilliant highlights.

  • milk_shake LIFESTYLING Thermo protector

    milk_shake Thermo-Protector – 200ml



  • find out more milk_shake direct colour

    milk_shake Cocktail Home Care Kit


    milk_shake Cocktail Home Care Kits offer the ultimate colour and conditioning boost in between salon visits.  

    You may have vibrant colour that requires enrichment and energy or, you may be a blonde who likes an ice cool tone.  Whatever your colour requires, you are able to select one of 20 intermixable shades and simply mix your chosen 100ml Direct Colour with milk_shake Whipped Cream Leave In Conditioner for prolonged colour and sensational condition.

    *Each set contains your chosen 100ml Direct Colour, milk_shake Whipped Cream 100ml, cocktail glass & mixer.

  • milk_shake normalizing blend shampoo 300ml

    milk_shake Normalizing Shampoo


    The milk_shake Normalizing Blend Shampoo is for hair that tends to get greasy quickly.

    Much more than just a simple cleanser or a beauty routine cleansing gesture, milk_shake Normalising Blend Shampoo is a real treatment for the hair and is unique in its amazing benefits for scalp and hair.

    Its formula contains active plant ingredients, essential oils and a balanced mix of delicate surfactants that cleanse deeply yet gently, removing sebum and oily residue. It’s ideal for men and woman with greasy hair who want to cleanse their hair gently and eliminate sebum, the greasy appearance and unpleasant odour associated with sebum production.

  • milk_shake Glistening Argan Oil – 10ml


    milk_shake Glistening Argan Oil instantly conditions and nourishes the hair.

    It has a unique formula with organic Argan oil that adds healthy shine and a soft, voluminous and radiant effect. It’s suitable for all hair types.

  • milk_shake Active Yogurt Mask



    This product strengthens untreated or colour-treated hair. The yogurt gives body, while avocado, rice oils, honey, fruit extracts, and vitamin E condition the hair shaft.

  • milk_shake repairing hair treatment 12ml

    milk_shake Repairing Hair Treatment 8 x 12ml


     A repairing treatment for dry and damaged hair.

    A deep replenishing action that gives fullness to chemically treated or damaged hair. It adds vitality and structure to the hair. The exclusive ingredient Integrity 41 improves colour stability, leaving hair healthy and soft.


  • Light Red milk_shake Coloured Whipped Cream

    milk_shake Colour Whipped Cream Light Red – 100ml


    milk_shake Whipped Cream Light Red is a no-rinse conditioning & protective creamy foam that is suitable for adding pink and red tones to light hair or enhancing vibrancy of red or pink hair.

    A deep and protective leave-in formula with milk proteins that condition and restructure the hair, giving softness and manageability without weighing the hair down. Integrity 41 helps to maintain hair colour.

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  • milk_shake curl passion conditioner

    Curl Passion Conditioner


    milk_shake Curl Passion Conditioner is the ultimate conditioner for curly hair.

    milk_shake Curl Passion Conditioner will help make curls bouncy, flexible and long-lasting. Commonly, frizz in curly hair is caused by lack of hydration, so apply to lengths and ends to give the right hydration.