milk_shake® Sensorial Mint Shampoo

milk_shake Sensorial Mint Shampoo

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milk_shake Sensorial Mint  Shampoo is a delicate, invigorating and refreshing shampoo for the hair and scalp.

The perfect frequent use shampoo solution to refresh hair and scalp after exercise and in the warmth of the summer. Organic mint extract adds a sensational mint leaf fragrance whilst the formula works on the scalp.

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Invigorating, refreshing and gently cleansing, the milk_shake Sensorial Mint Shampoo is perfect for after workouts & sunny days!

milk_shake Sensorial Mint Shampoo is sensationally fresh and incredibly invigorating, the ideal shampooing solution for after an intense work out at the gym or on a hot, summer day. Not only does the shampoo gently cleanse the hair but also refreshes the scalp ensuring that after use the hair feels fresh, clean and cool. Your new gym motivation.

milk_shake Sensorial Mint Shampoo is optimised when combined with Sensorial Mint Conditioner and the fabulous new Sensorial Mint Spray!

Cleanses efficiently yet gently, respecting the moisture balance of the hair. With a refreshing and revitalizing effect, its organic mint and sage extracts and menthol enriched formula with milk proteins and fruit extracts have an energizing and conditioning action. Perfect for frequent washing.

Active Ingredients:

Raspberry extract, milk proteins, mango extract, organic peppermint extract, menthol, blueberry extract, papaya extract, sage extract.


Apply to wet hair, distribute, lather then rinse. Repeat if necessary. For increased conditioning and protection, follow with the most suitable milk_shake conditioner or treatment.

Best for:

All hair types.

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10ml, 100ml, 300ml, 1000ml

Please be aware that some milk_shake products contain colour pigment that may stain if not used carefully. We advise you to be cautious with the products when applying near fabric or surfaces and always rinse away any excess product immediately.

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  1. Kimberley

    Love this product, makes my hair and scalp feel so fresh.

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