milk_shake Sensorial Mint Spray 250ml


milk_shake Sensorial Mint Spray is a refreshing and hydrating water spray used to invigorate the hair and skin.

The perfect frequent use solution to refresh and feel good post work out, on holiday or during the hot summer months. Organic mint extract adds a sensational mint leaf fragrance.

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Instantly refresh and invigorate your hair and skin in the heat of summer or post work out!

milk_shake® Sensorial Mint Spray is a refreshing and hydrating water spray that will envelop your hair, skin and body with a sense of well being. milk_shake® have created the Sensorial Mint range as an alternative haircare range for when your body, hair and mind is in need of revitalisation and refreshing powers.

milk_shake® Sensorial Mint Spray is optimised when combined with Sensorial Mint Shampoo and conditioner

Invigorates hair, maintaining its moisture balance. Leaves hair soft and moisturized, with a delicate scent. Gives relief and reawakens the scalp and hair with a pleasant sensation of wellbeing, with its essential oils, organic mint extract and menthol. Paraben free.

Active ingredients:

Organic peppermint extract, mint essential oil, menthol.


Spray at approx. 20 cm from hair and body. Avoid contact with eyes.


Additional information

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Please be aware that some milk_shake products contain colour pigment that may stain if not used carefully. We advise you to be cautious with the products when applying near fabric or surfaces and always rinse away any excess product immediately.


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