milk_shake smoothing cream

milk_shake® smoothing cream

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Soft hold styling

milk_shake Smoothing Cream creates shine, protecting and conditioning the hair with milk proteins, lychee extract, vitamin C, minerals and natural antioxidants that don’t weigh the hair down. With UV filters that protect hair color. Conditions the hair for maximum manageability. Helps to smooth hair and protects hair from heat and styling tools, giving humidity resistance for medium to coarse hair. Ideal for curly hair as it eliminates frizz and helps to define curls, leaving hair soft and radiant.

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The smoothing cream designed to help you achieve smooth, silky, skinny hair!

milk_shake® Smoothing Cream is a professional product that is specifically designed to create smooth skinny hair whilst eliminating frizz and protecting the hair from heat and styling products! Making it possible to easily achieve salon perfect smoothness. With UV filters that protect hair color and condition.

What it does:

Natural ingredients work on the hair from cuticle to cortex, smoothing the hair, fighting frizz caused by humidity.

Best for:

medium to coarse hair and curly hair

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