milk_shake® energizing blend hair thickener scalp treatment 30ml bottle

milk_shake Energizing Blend Hair Thickener Scalp Treatment – 30ml

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An energizing and fortifying lotion to restore fullness, thickness, and luster to fine, thinning and fragile hair.

milk_shake Energizing Scalp Treatment uses the natural powers of organic rosemary, sage and Fioravanti balm extract purifies, fortifies hair and stimulates the scalp’s microcirculation to create an optimal environment for new hair growth. The blend of botanical extracts and special conditioners invigorates the hair stem and gives softness, panthenol gives more density to the hair, essential oils and eucalyptus in still a pleasant energizing feeling, leaving the scalp refreshed.



The innovative formula of milk_shake® Energizing Blend hair thickener scalp treatment  energizes and stimulates follicles helping natural growth of hair. 

An energizing and strengthening lotion to restore fullness, thickness, and luster to fine, thinning and fragile hair. The innovative formula contains a special blend of selected naturally derived active ingredients with stimulating properties.

Active Ingredients:

camphor, panthenol, arnica extract, organic rosemary and sage extracts, Fioravanti balm, hydrolyzed rice proteins, glycerine.


Apply to the scalp and massage gently for a few minutes using circular movements and a light pressure from the fingertips to improve the microcirculation of the scalp and create the optimal conditions for new hair growth. Do not rinse and proceed with styling. Apply the treatment twice a week for best results.

Best For:

Fine, thinning and fragile hair.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Please be aware that some milk_shake products contain colour pigment that may stain if not used carefully. We advise you to be cautious with the products when applying near fabric or surfaces and always rinse away any excess product immediately.

3 reviews for milk_shake Energizing Blend Hair Thickener Scalp Treatment – 30ml

  1. Gina Thomas

    My hair feels refreshed after using and my hair feels thicker especially the sides around my face area, and has grown 2 inches in just over two months ? I use energising shampoo and conditioner also.

  2. Jurgita

    Amazing product, refreshes my scalp and helps my hair tgrow quicker.

  3. Lin

    Suddenly began losing hair at alarming rate all over scalp. My hairdresser recommended this and it slowed the rate of loss almost immediately. Maybe a coincidence but it seems unlikely. Use it every time I wash my hair, plus Milkshake shampoo and conditioner from their same ‘energiser’ range, and Argan oil. Like the herby smell too…

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