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Flexibility and long lasting hold.

It defines and models every curl and fights humidity and frizz, leaving hair supple, conditioned and radiant.

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Maintain the volume of your curls and stop the frizz!


NO INHIBITION Curl Definer with guarana and organic extracts. No Inhibition Curl Definer contains anti-static filming and fixative agents that give softness and radiance eliminating static electricity. Cationic polymers condition the hair making both dry and wet hair easier to comb and maintaining the curls volume. Hydrating agents maintain the shaft hydration and resist humidity, eliminating frizz. Conditioning and film-forming agents give softness and shine, detangle and eliminate static electricity.

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Weight 1 kg
Please be aware that some milk_shake products contain colour pigment that may stain if not used carefully. We advise you to be cautious with the products when applying near fabric or surfaces and always rinse away any excess product immediately.


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