why we love milk_shake®

We quizzed David Baker from Vault Hair Salon, Surrey on working with milk_shake® and becoming a member of the z.one international artistic team

How did you get introduced to the milk_shake® brand?

We had always kept our eye open for the next big thing and we found milk_shake® through a friend and loved the next generation in hair colour and products.

First reaction when approached to use milk_shake®?

Young, fresh and exciting, mixed with shine and health.

First product you tried?

milk_shake® Whipped Cream

What were the reasons that you switched to milk_shake®?

It’s new and I am looking ton get involved with a new brand that are creating a strong image in the hard UK market, also it is simple .. it’s the best colour I have ever used.

How hard have you found it? were your staff easy to persuade?

They were hesitant and a little worried but after they saw the amazing results it was easy.

How did you get your staff motivated to use the milk_shake® brand?

We have had lots of creative and training days so they can experiment themselves with the product.

How did you introduce the new range to your clients?

Slowly! We always tell them what we have used on them and why we would recommend that product. We also gave a lot of samples away to get them excited as we introduced it.

How did you switch your clients from your old colour onto milk_shake®?

As it was a new salon it was easy, but again after they saw the results it spoke for itself.

What has milk_shake® brought to the salon?

A healthy, shiny product that works, it has given us the tools for perfect and creative colour.

What would you love milk_shake® to do next?

z.one and milk_shake® are always thinking of new ideas, but an ammonia-free permanent colour will always give that little extra to clients.

Which is your favourite treatment?

I love yogurt mask, it makes hair feel instantly amazing.

Has milk_shake® proved to be good ROI?

The brand prices itself realistically and this mixed with quality ingredients always make a good return on investment.

Best advice to someone thinking of switching to milk_shake®

Understand the range inside out. The milk_shake® brand has the potential to guide your salon to the top – make the most of it!”

Favourite product and why?

Incredible Milk is a best selling product, for a leave in product , all of my clients and stylists use this product. The 12 effects this cream has covers everything you will need smooths, heat protects and smells amazing.

Best retail product that your clients always return for?

Integrity shampoo and conditioner and Incredible Milk.

Favourite milk_shake® colour?

I love the new creative permanent chocolate range, it’s beautiful.